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Abdu - Business Support

Abdu - Business Support

Abdu was a professional entrepreneur in his home country. He came to the UK and got a refugee status. He is living with his family. He volunteered with charities for more than one year but could not get any paid job. He was living with his family on the social security system. He also tried to contact a college for further education but the cost for the required training was too high. 

He decided to start his own business using his experience and skill. Even though, he had a shop in Sudan and run a business, continuing his career in the UK becomes a big challenge. The initial challenges were lack of know-how how to prepare a business proposal and limited English Language Skill. 

We were approached by a partner organisation to support him with the business advice. We provided support for his start up business by

  • reviewing his initial business idea and prepared the business proposal, 
  • prepared the cash flow 
  • Provided an interpreting service in explaining the project concept to the funding agency 
  • Advised on sources of funding which enabled him to get a start-up loan. 

The business now is running at Roundhay Road.

I am grateful with the support I get. I did not know where to start when I got my refugee status. Step by step guidance helped me a lot and saved me from getting stressed. I was referred to a Security Training Agency so that I get the right qualification for free to move forward and get employed. I finished my training and waiting for certification. I am happy so far and confident to get more support until I get a job and start a stable life.

I am a British citizen who have passed through an asylum process. I know Kidist for more than 2 years and always inspired me and others with her good wish, valuable information and advice. She referred me to Growing Points to get all the support I needed to work for NHS as a Clinical Support Worker which was my dream job. Getting this information and connection was what I was waiting for long time. Now I passed all the exam and interview and ready to start my dream job! So excited!! 

Very pleased to know Kidist in my community as a friend and also as a Director of URP. She supported me to get a comparable statement from NARIC regarding my overseas qualification. The support was inclusive and continuous which ranges from short to long term plan and I enjoyed and very pleased with planning process and its result. Getting the support helped me to use my previous /overseas qualification and experience/ knowledge and start working in Construction field here in the UK. Even better with a future plan to start my own business!!  


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