We are keen to work with Universities and Training Agencies to carry on our persistent focus on social impact. Refugee professionals and Entrepreneurs skills and knowledge should not be wasted!

Awareness Creation Programmes

Information is power! We can help to disseminate information and promote available opportunities and support to target groups. Use our Website and our network to reach refugees and other migrants. 

Higher Education

Overseas qualifications and work experiences should be leveraged as resources are limited. Let’s work together in making out the best out of existing skilled manpower. We can help in recruiting, providing 1-2-1 support in getting refugees and other migrants with asylum history to your door. 

Empowering through business support  

We work with Universities, Colleges and Training Centres to equip our target groups with relevant knowledge and expertise. We strongly believe that small businesses contribute to job creation in local communities. Let’s work together to incubate more small businesses. 

Entrepreneurship is our path to integration!